#GovernmentSachs Shut Down Goldman Sachs Protest NYC. January 17th 2017 { 13 images } Created 18 Jan 2017

” Shut Down Goldman Sachs Protest NYC. January 17th 2017.

Today around 250 converged on the Goldman Sachs Corp office in New York City as part of a 3 day occupation, in response to the high number of Goldman Sachs people who have been selected by President Elect Donald Trump. Credit: Mark Apollo/Hashtag Occupy Media

In their own words "Goldman Sachs has been influencing our government for decades. But in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential win, Goldman Sachs is no longer rigging the system -- they are the system."

The group will be camping out there until January 20th, when they will be marching on Trump Towers, on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

Right now the plan is for around 40 to 50 people to stay each night, with the protest picking up in numbers during the day time.
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