Access Denied Press Conference & Rally at MTA NYC Transit Offices. { 3 images } Created 20 Jul 2017

July 20th 2017-New York, NY-USA - Access Denied Press Conference & Rally

The press conference took place outside the MTA New York City Transit-2 Broadway New York, NY.
Around 70 people took part in the rally along with city and state representives, for the launch of TransitCenter’s new campaign to improve subway accessibility in New York City.

To give some context, nearly 30 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the MTA operates the least accessible large subway system in the country. With only 23% of the subway system accessible, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are denied access to the city’s subway system every day. People with disabilities, older New Yorkers, parents with strollers, travelers, and people with temporary injuries are being shut out of many of the opportunities our city offers.

TransitCenter is launching the campaign by releasing a short report, "Access Denied: Making the MTA Subway System Accessible to All New Yorkers," which outlines the problem of the system’s lack of elevators and the poor reliability on existing elevators — and offers a practical roadmap to increase access in stations across the city
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